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"Wide Awake In Dreamland"


Andrew Carson

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"Wide Awake in Dreamland" is part of an ongoing series inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, "I have hidden myself amongst you, oh imperishable stars", exploring online realities and virtual immortality. Intended as a guide for surviving the passage through the underworld, the title of the series is derived from the chapter on "not dying a second time", designed to give the deceased the tools to ensure their soul lives on, through the dispersement of elements of the self amongst the cosmos.

In October 2010 Facebook launched a new app allowing for the retrieval and download of a person's account. These books are a physical manifestation of one such download; they are an exploration of the personas and avatars we create on social media sites, and the effects these have on our real lives. Precariously balanced between the public and private realms, these identities allow for the creation of shadow-selves. "Wide Awake In Dreamland" questions the consequences of bringing these facades into the physical world.

This piece was shown as part of Jockeyism in Block T, June 2011