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"I Saw You, Coming Back To Me"


Andrew Carson

"The Other Side of the Mirror"

"That Is Not Dead, Which Can Eternal Lie"

"I Am Farther From You Know Than The Two Ends of Eternity"

"The Dream Is Just Awake" (Tableau Vivant)

"I Am He Who Is Hidden In The Great Deep"

"Wish You Were Here..."


"I Saw You, Coming Back To Me" is an exhibition of new works, questioning our relationship with online technologies: how we enter them, and the alternate lives we experience therein.

The work invites users to reflect on the data and memories they upload on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the online game Second Life, as a sort of shadow-self. The work explores the semblance of immortality and schisms that occurs with the use of these media; immortality not dependent on the continued presence of the physical self.

Incorporating elements of spiritual and religious beliefs, the work examines meditative and esoteric ritualistic practices, in a bid to create contemporary ceremonies with which to engage and re-connect with our cyber-selves. It is an investigation into the psychological effects inherent in the use of these sites; revolving around the dichotomy of potentially un-reconciled virtual and physical realities.

This work is from an ongoing series inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, "I have hidden myself amongst you, oh imperishable stars". Intended as a guide for surviving the passage through the underworld, the title of the series is derived from the chapter on "not dying a second time", designed to give the deceased the tools to ensure their soul lives on through the dispersal of elements of the self amongst the cosmos.